COVID-19: Help for victims of domestic violence

Legal Aid Commission logo. Picture: Legal Aid Commission/Facebook Page

The Fijian Legal Aid Commission has waived the regular requirements of having to fill out a form or taking a means test for victims of domestic violence seeking the Commission’s help.

Commission director Shahin Ali said any Fijian who was a victim of domestic violence can visit the Commission and get immediate help and protection.

“We understand the sensitive and urgent nature of domestic violence and have waived the regular requirements, such as having to fill out a form or take a means test,” Mr Ali said.

“This waiver in requirements has been done to ensure that we are able to provide immediate assistance and relief to those who need it.

“The Prime Minister said recently that the curfew measures might lead to a spike in the number of domestic violence cases.

“And in situations such as these, it is usually those who are most vulnerable, especially women and children who are subjected to domestic violence.

“If this happens, we want to make sure there are minimal barriers for those who are seeking our help.”

He advised those who were subjected to abuse to reach out to the Commission for help.

If you are suffering from domestic violence, you can call the Commission on ‎9923886 / ‎9980902 /3311195 or apply for assistance online at


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