COVID-19: Good Samaritans visit families in Soasoa lockdown with groceries

A resident of the Soasoa community receives his relief pack at the handover point as no contact were allowed with residents. Picture: FT FILE/SUPPLIED

Headed by the chairman of the Northern Crime Prevention Carnival, committee members and volunteers visited needy families in the Soasoa lockdown areas to hand over groceries.

Committee chairman Satish Kumar said those needy families were identified by members of the committee, including those living with disabilities and low-income earners.

Mr Kumar said in the spirit of the Easter week, they found it fitting to give much-needed groceries for the families to better ease the hardships they were experiencing since families in the area were not allowed to move in and out of the community.

Yesterday, families were not allowed to pass tyres and drums marking the lockdown areas as members of the committee left relief packages at the point and families picked their relief packages from thereon.

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