COVID-19: FNPF to assist identified companies

The big crowd at the FNPF headquarters at Downtown Boulevard in Suva trying to access COVID-19 assistance this morning - Monday, April 06, 2020. Picture: RAMA

The Fiji National Provident Fund will only assist companies who have been identified for now, says Fund CEO Jaoji Koroi.

He said an updated list would be publicised this week.

“The forms are just beginning to come through from the employers and we will be processing lots of payments later on this week,” he said.

“As of Wednesday, we have paid out 10 applications/members and our team are working on processing the applications we have received to ensure members are paid on time.”

He said the fund received 1514 applications from 163 employers and they would continue to monitor the situation as it unfolded.

“We know that the relief assistance that was announced in the budget provides other assistance for members and we hope that they will consider those options before thinking about accessing their own retirement funds.

“Members must remember that the fund is a retirement savings scheme.

“We will continue to encourage members to exhaust other relief options.”

He urged members whose employment had not been affected (reduced wages/salary, reduced hours/leave without pay, terminated/laid off) not to withdraw their funds.

Meanwhile, Attorney-General and Economy Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said apart from the workers in the tourism sector, other Fijians who worked in nightclubs, gyms, cinemas and other places affected by the COVID-19 pandemic were eligible for $500 withdrawal from their FNPF general accounts.

“Should they have less than $500 in their eligibility, the Government will top it up to make it $500.”

(Editor’s note: This article was published in The Fiji Times on Monday, April 06, 2020)

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