COVID-19 Fiji: School infection claims

Savinesh Karan (right) with sons Shivneel and Shavneel at their home in Navua. Picture: ROHIT DEO

Savinesh Karan claims his eldest child tested positive for COVID-19 after attending school for two days and that he spread it to other members of their household.

“My son, who is in Year 10, went to school last week and on the third day, my wife took him to hospital after which they both tested positive,” the Tokotoko Back Rd, Navua resident said.

“None of us at home were sick and my son, after going to school, got sick.”

Mr Karan said he operated a canteen at the Suva Bus Station and had not gone there from January 1 this year.

“We didn’t go anywhere so my family didn’t get the virus from me.

“We believe that he got it from school, either while he was coming home in the van or from the people in school.

“Now, we have to stay in isolation for 10 days which will affect our income.

“My business was closed for almost six months because of COVID-19 and now this sickness is affecting us.”

Mr Karan said it was much safer for students to stay at home.

“When children are at home, we can control their movement.”

He said during the previous two waves of COVID-19, none of his family members contracted the virus as they had strictly followed all safety measures.

Mr Karan questioned the ability of authorities to ensure COVID-safe protocols were followed in schools.

“There are students coming from different places and we don’t know who has the virus so it’s not safe.

“I have a younger son who was to go to primary school but now, I’m concerned about him and I don’t want to send him to school as he is not vaccinated.”

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