COVID-19 Fiji: ‘No severe cases in children’


There have not been any severe cases of COVID-19 recorded in children, says Minister for Education Premila Kumar.

While speaking during a COVID-19 inspection tour of Tavua schools yesterday, Mrs Kumar said the Ministry of Health had yet to report such cases.

She said the global vaccination focus on adults was a clear indication that children had a strong immunity against the virus.

“The announcement was that 60-plus should be vaccinated first and then the other age groups, in other words, all of the adults have to be vaccinated first before our children and that is a clear indication,” she said.

“Again, based on data that we have from the Ministry of Health, we don’t have any severe cases. We don’t have cases of children admitted with severe COVID-19.

“We don’t have cases of a child admitted in ICU because of COVID-19. We don’t have that statistic and schools worldwide are reopening.”

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