COVID-19 Fiji: Naqali family opt for meals fresh from the garden

Sevuloni Digitakimata says his family has turned to eating healthy good to survive the COVID-19 crisis. Picture: VILIAME RAVAI

As the COVID-19 crisis deepens and families are faced with increasing challenges in trying to put food on the table, many are turning to traditional ingredients and methods when it comes to preparing meals.

Sevuloni Digitakimata of Naqali, Naitasiri said his family opted to go without processed food and were eating fresh produce from their garden.

“I believe COVID-19 is a blessing because we are going back to eating what our forefathers used to eat, everything we plant or fish from the sea,” the 55-year-old said.

“We are living in a world full of counterfeit items and canned food and this is what is making us sick.

“Before, I only focused on dalo, ginger and cassava, but now I also plant cucumber, rourou, beans and other vegetables.

“My family only eats what we plant.”

Mr Digitakimata said his family’s go-green lifestyle had also provided some much-needed income.

“During this second wave of COVID-19, I harvested cucumber 17 times so I sold what we couldn’t eat at the Sawani border and was surprised with how much I made just from that alone.

“The demand for high quality fresh vegetables is very high and this is a good lesson for all of us, we should start planting and eating fresh food.”

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