COVID-19 Fiji: Low positivity for tourists – Minister Koya

Minister for Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport Faiyaz Koya during a news conference recently. Picture: RAMA

COVID-19 test positivity among tourists remains low, and the Government does not view hotels as major drivers of transmission, says Tourism Minister Faiyaz Koya.

He said tourist arrival numbers for January has not changed.

“Most people find Fiji a wonderful destination to come to,” Mr Koya said.

“And we must also remember that our economy is starting to just get back on track somewhat within the tourism industry.

“And I think everybody needs to realise that everybody has a part to play.”

Mr Koya said the “heavy-handed” policies used in the past would not be revisited.

“We can have a functioning economy while respecting basic rules to keep us safe.

“We can continue to rely on the excellent protection offered by vaccines.

“And we can strengthen that protection by administering booster doses, as we are doing.

“The time for lockdowns – targeted or otherwise – and other heavy-handed policies is past.

“From a health and economic standpoint, such measures would be self-defeating.”

He said test positivity among tourists remained low and the State was of the view that hotels were not major drivers of transmission.

“Tourism operators must continue to comply with the Care Fiji Commitment (CFC) and the tourism operation protocols. They can continue to enforce measures as they have been doing on hotel premises.”

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