COVID-19: Fiji Airways boss reiterates strong stance by PM for reckless behaviours

Fiji Airways Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Andre Viljoen. Picture: SUPPLIED

Fiji Airways managing director Andre Viljoen has said he found it “hard to understand why anyone would behave so recklessly” in regards to his staff alleged to have contravened quarantine restrictions in Nadi.

In an internal memo to all staff, Mr Viljoen stated they would assist Police with their investigations.

“Let me be very clear about this, and reiterate the words of our Prime Minister, Fiji Airways will return to the skies once this crisis is over. But if you flaunt Government directives or internal Fiji Airways Safety rules, you will not,” he said.

“Like any other breaches of Company policies, you will be taken to task. And if found guilty after due process, you will have no place in the national airline. This includes any breaches in the past two weeks and any in the future.”

He said all airline staff had a lot of work to do, “starting right now, to restore the faith that the Fijian people and our customers have in Fiji Airways”.

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