COVID-19: careFIJI App forms foundation of phase 2 recovery

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama while delivering his statement on “Phase 2” of Fiji’s COVID-Safe Economic Recovery. Picture: SUPPLIED/FIJIAN GOVT

The next phase of Fiji’s COVID response will be tied to the launch of the careFIJI App.

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama highlighted this in a LIVE broadcast today on phase 2 of Fiji’s safe return to economic recovery saying this App forms the foundation of phase 2 of our recovery.

“But the success of this App ultimately rests in the hearts and hands of every Fijian,” Mr Bainimarama said.

“So I cannot stress enough – the easiest way that you can help save lives and livelihoods, and to show that you care for Fiji’s recovery, is to download careFIJI and keep your Bluetooth turned on at all times,” he said.

“If you have a smartphone, open Google Playstore or the Apple App store, search for careFIJI – you’ll see the same logo like those around me now – download it now, and switch on your Bluetooth. And just like that, you’ve already done your part to help return to a new normal.

“Because the App uses Bluetooth and not data for its core function, careFIJI itself takes almost no data to use once it’s installed. careFIJI is designed to be as easy, secure, and hassle-free as possible.

“And if you’re worried about the data this App will use to install, don’t be. It takes around 10 megabytes to install the App. Once you do, thanks to an agreement struck by the Ministry of Communications, both Vodafone and Digicel have agreed to reimburse their customers with ten times that amount – 100 megabytes – free of charge.

“Our digitalFIJI team has developed a dedicated website which provides additional information about the careFIJI app. You can visit the website data-free by going to www-dot-carefiji-dot-digitalfiji-dot-gov-dot-fj.

“Most of our public interactions take place in the workplace, wherever that may be. Especially for those of us working indoors for extended periods of time, our places of work can pose a serious risk, that’s why working Fijians must download careFIJI.

“Government is leading that push through example by mandating that all users of government issued phones, members of the disciplined forces, and users with phones issued by government-funded statutory bodies, download the careFIJI App.”

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