Courts will not condone sexual assault on children

COURTS and the society cannot condone any form of sexual assault on children and must be denounced to save little children for their own future.

High Court judge Justice Aruna Aluthge said this while sentencing a farmer yesterday at the High Court in Lautoka to more than 12 years imprisonment for raping an eight-year-old girl in October 2016 in Rakiraki.

Justice Aluthge told the 41-year-old who is related to the victim as her grand uncle that rape offenders must be severely be punished so as to send a clear warning to the society.

“The sentence must also reflect the gravity of the offence,” he said.

However Justice Aluthge took into consideration that the man is a first offender, looks after his elderly mother and had sought the mercy of the court.

The final sentence was 12 years and 11 months with 10 years to be served before he is released for parole.