Court jails man for theft

A man who snatched a necklace off a woman’s neck has been jailed in absentia for one year and three months.

Myles Bakau was charged with theft in December, 2016 after he walked up to the woman and snatched her mangalsutra from her neck and had ran off with it.

The victim was eight months pregnant at the time.

“This was clearly a preplanned, targeted crime against a vulnerable victim,” magistrate Seini Puamau said in her January 6 ruling.

“You were granted bail on the date of first call. You are not a first offender.

You have four previous convictions all dated 2015 and one of those previous convictions is for theft”.

The court picked two years as starting point of imprisonment but reduced it by nine months for Bakau’s status as a young offender.

“Clearly you are not a good prospect for rehabilitation.

I issue a committal warrant and a warrant of apprehension.

You are to be arrested post-haste and your sentence is to commence from the date of your apprehension.”

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