Course points need for good board directors

Nigel Skeggs (front) with other participants during the AICD presentation for directors looking to develop their career at Hilton Fiji Beach Resort & Spa in Nadi. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

A DIRECTORS briefing for company leaders in the Western Division highlighted the need for good board directors.

Australia’s BoardFocus Advisory principal partner Dr Judith McCormick said directors of companies were the head of companies and “where the buck stops”.

“They are so important for Fiji’s community, financially and in terms of social good as a whole,” she said while speaking at a training for board directors in Nadi on Thursday night.

“So they are responsible for everything that happens for the company.

What we used to see as adequate for company directors is no longer sufficient.

The expectations on the board are far greater so there is no longer room for those that are not able to bring something of value to the board. “It is no longer a room for gifted amateurs but rather for those who recognise their role as a custodian of the company and equally as an important pillar of society particularly in Fiji.”

Dr McCormick was a keynote speaker at a training organised by the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

The AICD held the International Company of Director Course at the Hilton Resort on Denarau Island for 23 participants from six different countries including Fiji.

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