Couple pursue better future

LITIA Davetalevu is hoping to study in New Zealand with her fiance Amosi Nawaikula for a better future.

They were encouraged by her father Verenado Kulinio to attend the interviews conducted by University of Otago’s deputy director Jason Cushen and his colleagues in Suva on Wednesday.

Ms Davetalevu, 25, and her fiance are currently pursuing their Bachelor of Arts in law at the University of Fiji in Saweni, Lautoka.

The final year student said this was a great opportunity to travel abroad for a better future.

“If I am lucky enough to get the scholarship, it will be a new place for me. I will have the chance to travel, meet new people and it is also a new environment, a recognised university and gives people chances for a better opportunity,” she said.

“We are trying to see if we could do postgraduate courses or Masters of Law.”

They were joined by Ms Davetalevu’s father, who is also hoping to secure a scholarship, while her mother came for support.

Ms Davetalevu said the facilities provided by the university was a challenge for her.

“We have hardly any facilities and I’m looking forward to bigger and better classrooms, having books in the library and more resources,” she said.

She is hopeful to pursue further studies in human rights law.

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