Couple pray for more rain

A COUPLE at a settlement in Bua is hoping for more rain to help them with their watermelon farm, which is their only source of income.

Dinesh Prasad and Mohini Devi of Soti settlement in Nasarawaqa have been struggling to keep their farm at bay and were banking on the rain to invigorate their farm produce.

The situation has prompted the pair to spend about $110 to travel to Seaqaqa once a week to buy watermelon from the farmers there.

Mr Prasad said watermelon, among other fruits, was now scarce because of the dry weather condition.

“We used to sell one watermelon for $5 or $8 but now we are selling it at $25 or $30,” he said.

“The dry weather has really affected our farm and now we are travelling all the way to Seaqaqa to buy our supplies.

“This is too expensive for us but we have no other choice because we have to keep our business operational as this is our only source of income.”

Mr Prasad said the occasional showers experienced early last week had brought a glimpse of hope for them.

“It was a relief when the rain fell early last week and now we are hoping for more so that we can plant watermelon.

“Right now, it’s just difficult to do business because of the weather conditions.”

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