Councils take proactive stand

All municipal councils have been directed to employ full-time litter officers, effective from next month.

This, according to the Environment Minister Parveen Kumar, is the direct result of actions of those who continue to litter.

“There seems to be no sense of pride by some in this country because if you drive around the country, you will see how a lot of people continue to throw their rubbish carelessly without thinking,” said Mr Kumar.

“Although numerous campaigns and advisories have been made, it is sad to witness the ignorance shown by many.

“This is why from next month, all municipal councils will have full-time litter officers and if you are caught littering, you will be penalised.”

Mr Kumar said a name and shame register was also being finalised.

“How would you like to see yourself in the papers’ name and shame section? It’s not a nice thing so I would encourage everyone to please refrain from littering and keep our Fiji clean,” he said.

“The name and shame register is almost ready. There are just a few legal issues to be finalised and it will be ready.”

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