Council urged to improve beautification program, lift restaurant standards

The Sigatoka Town Council organized a tour around the Sigatoka river bank, where the Minister met with the Engineering consultants to discuss the beautification program set for the town.

THE Sigatoka Town Council has been urged improve the beautification programs and also lift the standard of restaurants and other eateries within the municipality.

The call came from Minister for Local Government, Housing and Community Development Premila Kumar during her visit to the Sigatoka Town Council, as part of her official visits in the Western division this week.

“You must continue to provide the best for the people of Sigatoka and to your visitors.

“I also encourage you to work closely with eatery outlets or restaurants in ensuring that convenience facilities, the hygiene and upkeep of the restaurants are of high standards,” she said.

“Also conduct regular checks to ensure that these standards are maintained at all times.”

Ms Kumar challenged the council to improve their beautification programs, as it attracts not only the residents of Sigatoka, but also visitors who generally stop to buy vegetables when commuting between central and western division.

The Sigatoka Town Council organised a tour around the Sigatoka river bank, where the minister met with the engineering consultants to discuss the beautification program set for the town.

In response, the council reiterated that they have taken the Minister’s suggestions on board and will ensure projects are well supervised for best result.

In addition, the council informed the Minister that the much improved main public convenience located at the market and near the bus stand operated 24 hours a day and other public convenience facilities will be constructed solely for visitors and travelers.

Ms Kumar commended the work done by the council and encouraged them to work in consultation with the rate payers and business communities including market vendors.

“Your audit reports are up to date and you are on the verge of finalizing your annual reports. This is a sign of good governance and you’re being transparent with your operations.”


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