Council told of agricultural partnership

Naitasiri Medical Subdivision medical officer Dr Ilisapeci Lasaro makes a presentation during the Naitasiri Provincial Council meeting at Sawani Village recently. Picture: ATU RASEA

PARTICIPANTS at the Naitasiri Provincial Council meeting last week were urged to partner with the Agriculture Ministry and work their land.

Ministry official Apenisa Rarasea said they would provide advice on what to plant, how to plant and the type of fertiliser was needed.

He said they were working closely with the iTaukei Land Trust Board on all Naitasiri land development projects. Mr Rarasea said the ministry had 20 programs in the province.

“One program that is running at the moment for the people of Naitasiri is a consultation for the mata-ni-tikina and farmers who wish to know more about food security and climate change we are facing right now,” he said.

“Most of the time when we receive money from our harvests, we completely forget our initial plan and spend outside of our budget. “That is why having a consultant helps a lot.”

Mr Rarasea told the participants the ministry could supply farmers with uvi, tivoli, kawai seeds, yaqona plants and water tanks.

He said farmers who leased land and did not have access to water could also be assisted.

Mr Rarasea said Government was providing $27,000 for farmers who gave their land to test dalo planting programs.

He said this was for ploughing, planting, applying manure and harvesting.

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