Council plans for members

WITH major focus from Government on empowering the youths in Fiji to become job creators rather than job seekers, the Young Entrepreneurs Council plans to hold more business development training workshops for its members in future.

The YEC was formed by the Fiji Commerce and Employers Federation last year with the aim to assist young people start their businesses.

FCEF outgoing president Himen Chandra said inception of the YEC, which consists of men and women aged 18 to 40 years, was a milestone for the federation.

Mr Chandra said they were proud to announce that they had some successful businesses in the council led by young entrepreneurs.

YEC acting chairperson Rajnel Prasad, in his report to the FCEF in its 2017 annual report, said they planned to extend more invitations from business sectors to YEC meetings to empower members and share leadership skills.

Mr Prasad said since the inception of the YEC on June 24 of last year, the council had grown significantly with more than 80 registered members being part of the council and a growing interest from both young entrepreneurs and young people with a vested interest in entrepreneurship.

He said as part of their future plans for the year, the council would continue with the work plan and would add in more new projects for YEC members.

“There will be more media presence and a documentary production on each YEC member,” he said.

Mr Prasad said the YEC had been part of trainings and workshops for members and some of them included training by the International Labour Organisation on adaptation of village youths for entrepreneurship, YEC involvement in Fiji Fashion Week where the vice-chairperson won the designer of the year award and their participation in TOPEX.

He said the council also participated with FCEF and the Reserve Bank of Fiji on its employment survey to facilitate the collection of labour data.

The council plans to continue empowering its members and other young entrepreneurs.

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