Council denies Reddy’s claim

Waterways Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy inspects the drainage system at Soasoa, Labasa, during an earlier visit. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI/FILE

THE Savusavu Town Council has denied an earlier statement by the Minister for Waterways Dr Mahendra Reddy blaming the council for inaction on the maintenance of the town’s drains.

Savusavu Municipal Council chief executive officer Dharmendra Lal said work on the town’s two drains mentioned by Dr Reddy was almost completed.

Mr Lal said the only thing that was keeping them from finishing maintenance works was budget.

“If we had the money for the projects, we would have finished it a long time ago,” he said.

“We had just received the budget for drainage works this month and that was why work had just begun now.

“I think that officers from the municipal council had informed him that we were waiting for project funding on the two drains.”

Late last month, Dr Reddy slammed the Savusavu Town Council for inaction and neglect of the town’s drains, adding that town councils were given the duties of overseeing drains within their boundaries at the beginning of this year.

Dr Reddy claimed the Savusavu Town Council failed to carry out any works on these drains, adding that so far nothing had happened even though talks had begun in January this year.

He had said that as soon as the projects were completed, the town council needed to send acquittals to the ministry. He also said they had trained officers on how to do this electronically.

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