Coronavirus: Three more cases on Rapa Nui

Ahu Akivi Maois - statutes on the island of Rapa Nui / Easter Island. Photo: AFP

Rapa Nui, or Chilean administered Easter Island, has confirmed another three cases of Covid-19 coronavirus, bringing its total to five.

The island has been in lockdown since Thursday.

An indigenous Rapa Nui resident says those affected are Chilean migrants who all live in the same house.

Karen Rapu says she’s doesn’t know if they’re relatives or friends.

“They are in quarantine in their home. The whole island is in quarantine. We are permitted to go out, only for important things, between 5am and 2pm. Some things like mini-markets, bank, gas station.”

Karen Rapu says they’re allowed to open between 8 and 12 in the morning but she’s not sure if this will continue given the new cases.

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