Corona to assist CWM

Update: 11:27AM ASSISTANCE has been assured by Corona Fiji to the 75 children who will undergo a heart operation by an Indian medical team next week.

This was confirmed by Corona Fiji’s Vice President, Denise Kloeden yesterday.

The 75 children will be operated on at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital (CWM) Hospital where they will be provided with the basic necessities by Corona Fiji.

Ms Kloeden said the team had been working closely with CWM for many years and they were always willing to assist women and children in any way they could.

“It’s natural for the nurses to reach out to us because we’re always there donating whenever and whatever we can,” she said.

“Twenty of these children are under 12 months and what we’ve got is nappies, hand sanitisers, donated toiletries and all other essentials.”

All donations will be given to the Heart Foundation to support the patients through recovery.

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