COP23: Tense finance negotiations delay close

Update: 11:03AM TENSE negotiations on aspects of the Paris Agreement relating to climate finance and the adaptation fund has pushed the final sessions of COP23 well into the night.

At the Bula Zone where international media await the final
results of climate negotiations, journalists have been told to be prepared for
a 2am close. Fiji is exactly 12hours behind.

Technical staff in the press conference room where the final
outcomes announcement is expected, were given a worst case scenario of 4am.

On the official announcement portfolios, the COP23 secretariat
has listed the closing plenary of the Ad Hoc Working Committee on the Paris
which was scheduled for 11am local time.

Following this will be the final session of the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol
(CMP) who continue discussions on the Adaptation Fund, a controversial item on the
COP23 Agenda.

Around midnight  tonight the closing plenary of the COP is now
scheduled to take part.

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