COP23: Saran on ways to reduce carbon emissions

Update: 11:28AM ACHIEVING the Sustainable Development Goals will drive innovation, growth and development that generates up to 380 million annual jobs worldwide while creating at least US $12 trillion (FJD$24.96 trillion) in business value per year by 2030.

speaking at the Major Economies Business Forum Dialogue in Bonn, Germany
yesterday, Fiji’s Ambassador to the European Union and COP23 Climate Ambassador
Deo Saran presented ways in which business leaders can use their role to reduce
carbon emissions.

action on climate is a critical part of achieving the Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs). When we take action on climate, the impacts go far beyond just
Goal 13 – their ripples positively impact goals related to health, communities,
hunger, energy and cities, just to name a few. Even the strongest communities
and economies can?t survive on a dead planet,” he said.

are committed to using our Presidency to steer the world towards the 1.5 target
that is already in the Paris Agreement. For many Islands and vulnerable
communities, this is a question of survival.

Saran said business leaders from larger economies could play a crucial role in
addressing the impacts of climate change and provide support towards adaptation
and mitigation measures in reducing carbon emissions.

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