COP23: Climate change impact can fuel food prices

Update: 11:54AM THE impacts of climate change on countries in Asia and the Pacific region could fuel a rise in food and water prices, increasing competition and conflicts among communities’ over depleted resources.

A new report by Friend of the Earth Asia Pacific (members of Friend of the Earth International) demands that government look beyond emergency responses to climate disasters and address the issue of displacement, ensuring justice and protection for impacted peoples.

The report cite examples of how climate change was driving migration in Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines.

“Meanwhile, climate induced migration is already hurting the worst hit communities in the region. Yet, the world lacks the administrative and legal systems to properly recognise and protect them,” a statement by Friends of the Earth International said.

Facilitator at Friends of the Earth Asia Pacific based in Malaysia, Theiva Lingam, said the paper was produced by Friends of the Earth Asia Pacific to facilitate the discussion on the issue of climate-induced migration during COP 23 in Bonn.

“We must remember that we are already victims of climate disasters. The time for action is now – before we reach a point of no return,” he said in the report.

“This year’s climate negotiations are taking place in Bonn, but are hosted by Fiji, a country from the Asia Pacific.

“It’s an opportunity to raise the voices of the millions of communities affected by climate change in the region.”

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