Cool refrigerators ideal for your home

GOKALS continue to provide the best to its customers when it comes to home and living appliances.

This week, you will be amazed with the company’s range of Mitsubishi refrigerators.

Check out the MR-260 260 litre refrigerator. It comes with a large bottle pockets, tempered glass shelves, sliding chilled case , adjustable door shelf and revolving ice tray. This refrigerator is also available in stainless steel.

The MR-385B-ST 385 litre refrigerator is frost free, has a jumbo sliding chilled case, tempered glass shelves, surround cooling system and it’s stainless steel.

Gokals also has the R-420E-ST 420 litre refrigerator for your need. This refrigerator is frost free has a surround cooling system, anti-bacteria food liner, two revolving ice trays with with ice box and is available in white.

You can also check out the MR- C375C-S 375 litre multi drawer refrigerator with three-way flexi shelf, tempered glass shelves, surround cooling system, stainless steel. It has an ice maker and is also available in red, black and white.

The MR- L710 710 litres four-door refrigerator has a led control panel, vegetable compartment, tempered glass shelves and adjustable door pockets.

For genuine brands and products, D Gokal & Co Ltd (Gokals) has exactly what you need. Whether it is a rush of gaming, fast-paced sporting events or action films, refrigerators, washers or microwave ovens, customers can consider Gokals because it is considered to be one of the oldest and most successful electronic companies in Fiji.

To find these great brands and products, visit or contact Gokals in Pier Street Suva on 331 5744 or main street Nadi on 6705890 or 9 Miles Nakasi on 334 1235 and Hemron Shopping Plaza Nausori on 347 8283.

These quality brands are also available at MH Homemaker and Vinod Patel Fiji-wide on easy credit terms.

Gokals have the following quality brands at their stores such as Sharp, Philips, Simmons, Whirlpool and more. So visit Gokals and be amazed at the range available.

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