Cooking is a family affair

Fiji Red Cross Society manager marketing & events Bridget Middenway-Blümel shops for fruits and vegies at the Flagstaff market in Suva. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

COOKING is a family affair for Bridget Middenway-Blümel and her family.

Her mum who resides in Savusavu makes an amazing tinned meat stew with potatoes, her mother-in-law cooks up a storm of amazing Thai food, her husband makes mouth-watering crackling pork and her children love to cook special breakfasts on Sundays and bake.

Mrs Blümel said she started cooking at a very young age.

“I’ am a great cook and I also make a mean tiramisu cake which is my family’s favourite but I love to eat more than I cook. When it comes to grocery shopping, I prefer to shop at Shop n Save, MaxVal-u, MH Superfresh in Tamavua and Joes Farm Produce Ltd. Vegetable shopping is done at the Suva market, imported fruits done at Turners & Growers (Fiji) Ltd and meat shopping is done at Wahley’s Butchery Ltd. Depending on the days I’m out shopping, I choose less crowded supermarkets or nearest supermarkets. Our shopping is done weekly but some of items on the list is done once a month. We spend between $180 to $300 weekly and my husband Peter is happy to accompany me.”

She adds although they have a very busy work schedule, they always ensure their four growing children eat well and are happy.

“We do shop healthy but we also spoil ourselves and the children to few junk food, no harm in spoiling yourselves as long as it’s moderate,” said Mrs Blumel.

“Shop wisely, check expiry dates before purchasing, and plan your shopping list to save money.

Like anywhere in the world we always look for the best bargain, best sale and best discount before shopping.”

The Blumel’s basic shopping list includes chicken portion packs, beef mince, drumsticks, pasta sauce, spaghetti, curry spices (once every two months), white long grain rice, assorted orange/fruit juice, imported mandarins, apples, powder/liquid milk and Philadelphia cream cheese to name a few.

Apart from buying healthy foods and vegetables, Mrs Blumel enjoys dancing so she took up salsa dancing as a form of exercise.

“I love shopping and could walk and walk and next thing I know I’ve done three hours of walking,” she said.

“You really don’t need to go to the gym to lose weight – walk up the stairs if it’s only two flights of steps. Gardening is one way of exercise, walking your dog or playing with your kids. Do not go straight to sleep after your meals and have energised positive happy friends.”

There are a few people to thank, said Mrs Blumel, who have motivated her to be the person she is today.

“My mum, she is such an amazing person in and out, for teaching me great values in life, to be humble, love animals, enjoy life and be happy. My siblings, for making me strong physically and mentally, constructive criticisms, my children, who have taught me to chill out and take things easy, to take time to breath and my husband Peter, who is ever patient with me.”

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