Cook Islands tourism

The Cook Islands has been declared one of the most satisfying destinations for tourists in the South Pacific region, with research showing 95 per cent of visitors were satisfied with their visit. The Cook Islands International Visitor Survey report for the final quarter of last year showed the local tourism industry performing well.

New Zealand upgrades

The government has promised to pump an extra $11 billion into new infrastructure over the next four years, spread across new schools, hospitals, housing, roads and railways. Finance Minister Steven Joyce unveiled “the biggest addition to the Government’s capital stock in decades” in Wellington yesterday. The amount included the $9b over four years announced in the Government’s half-year economic and fiscal update in December, plus an additional $2b.

Trump reviews Pacific reserves

Relief could soon be on the way for American Samoa’s tuna fleet from the restrictions imposed by the establishment of the Pacific Remote Islands Monument. US President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to review monument designations going back more than 20 years. The move could undo parts of former president Barack Obama’s establishment of the largest marine protected area in the world, encompassing key commercial fishing areas for American Samoa’s tuna industry.

Guam protests

Millions of people around the world marched in support of science last weekend, including about 200 on Guam. The Earth Day event on the United States’ Pacific island territory also served as an opportunity to protest against President Donald Trump’s position on climate change. One of the organisers of the Guam march, the wildlife biologist Isha Alexander said Mr Trump was defunding the scientists who demonstrated the climate was changing.

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