Cook Islands deputy PM in Norway for talks on seabed exploration

RAROTONGA, 13 SEPTEMBER 2018 (RADIO COOK ISLANDS NEWS) – Deputy Prime Minister Mark Brown is currently in Norway discussing the possible exploration of the seabed minerals that are found in the Cook Islands waters.

The manganese nodules found in the Cook Islands lie on the seabed at depths of more than 5000 metres. According to initial scientific studies, these nodules are of a very quality and there is a large quantity on the seabed which could make the nation billions of dollars.

Brown said they will re-advertise the tenders as there have been some new interests in exploring the seabed and exploration of the seabed for minerals that would cost millions.

He added that all practices including exploration and the extraction of the minerals from the seabed would have to be done in a manner which is environmentally friendly and does not impact negatively on the Cook Islands.

Brown left for Norway last Friday and is expected back in the country this week.

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