Convention to reduce oil pollution not ratified yet

FIJI has not yet ratified the International Convention on Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation (OPRC), the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defence was informed yesterday.

Laite Ramoce of the Solicitor-General’s office highlighted this while making submissions to the committee on the protocol preparedness response and co-operation to pollution incidents by hazardous and noxious substances (OPRC-HNS Protocol).

She told the committee the protocol had a parent convention that Fiji had yet to ratify, which was the OPRC convention.

“Like the OPRC Convention, the OPRC-HNS protocol aims to establish national systems for preparedness and response and to provide a global framework for international co-operation in combating major incidents or threats of marine pollution,” Ms Ramoce said.

“Parties to the OPRC-HNS protocol are required to establish measures for dealing with pollution incidents, either nationally or in co-operation with other countries. Ships are required to carry a shipboard pollution emergency plan to deal specifically with incidents involving hazardous and noxious substances.”

She said the OPRC-HNS protocol ensured that ships carrying hazardous and noxious substances were covered by preparedness and response regimes similar to those already in existence for oil incidents. Some of these plans are already recognised by our domestic modes by the Maritime Transport Decree of 2013.

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