Controlling stray dogs requires coordination and planning: Ministry

A volunteer feeds dogs at the Sanctuary Fiji in Tavarau, Ba. Picture: SUPPLIED/FT FILE

CONTROLLING stray dogs requires coordination, cooperation and planning, says the Ministry of Agriculture.

A ministerial statement regarding the eight-week campaign conducted by the ministry beginning this week stated the community approach was the best way to provide a long-term solution to the stray dog problems.

“Responsible pet ownership is the key” the statement said.

“The Ministry of Agriculture has a stray animal program, which includes control of stray dogs and this includes annual licensing and registration, trapping in collaboration with local authorities and villages/ settlements, subsidised neutering program, awareness on responsible pet ownership and media releases, baiting and trapping on farms.

“Proper disposal of household and commercial rubbish and proper management of town and city dumps is important so that it does not attract dogs.

“The general public is advised to support the work of the ministry in trying to control stray dogs – example: tampering with dog traps and releasing trapped dogs.”

The campaign is coordinated by the ministry in cooperation with the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development, Waterways and the Department of Environment.

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