Contribute levy, urges council

RA Provincial Council chairman Ratu Manoa Seru is urging villagers in the province to contribute to the soli ni yasana to support the tertiary education of their children.

Ratu Manoa said a decrease in contributions had halted the council’s support for students.

“We used to be able to provide scholarships for our students or, for some at least, provide an allowance and now we can’t do that anymore,” he said.

“We need to be able to give our children that support and we are urging the people of the province to come out in numbers to support this very worthy cause.”

Contributions from the soli ni yasana are also used to run the council office and fund projects or new developments.

Last year, the province raised $81,000.

“Our target was $117,000 and we are determined to reach that amount this year,” said Ratu Manoa.

“We’ve reached 76 per cent of our target and we note it is slowly increasing.

“Making contributions last year may have been a challenge for some because of Tropical Cyclone Winston, but people are getting back on track and have started to labour on their farms.

“There should be a better outcome this year,” Ratu Manoa said.

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