Continuing education for accountants

ABOUT 200 registered delegates attended the Fiji Institute of Accountants (FIA) two-day workshop at the Warwick Fiji Resort which ends today.

It is jointly-organised by FIA and Certified Practising Accountants Australia.

Various topics were discussed in which members were required to undertake continuing professional education.

And according to FIA professional development chairman Cama Raimuria, the institute had devoted its strength to professional development.

He said eight structured hours were given to continuing professional education members to complete their course.

“The minimum number of CPE hours which members are currently required to complete is 30 hours of structured and 10 hours of unstructured education annually or 90 structured and 30 unstructured over a three-year period.

“FIA members have a responsibility to ensure they are abreast with current developments that affect their present and future professional work,” Mr Raimuria said.

In his address, he also reminded delegates about the importance of their roles and responsibilities followed by a summary report.

“As professionals, accountability for our continuing professional development rests with each of our members as mandated by the International Accounting Standards,” Mr Raimuria said.

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