Consultative process with two unions needed: FTU

The Fiji Trades Union Congress National Secretary Felix Anthony (seated left)speaking at the Fijian Teachers Association conference at the FTA Hall in Suva. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

THERE is a need for the Education Ministry to convene a consultative process with the two teacher unions.

This call was made by the Fiji Teachers Union (FTU) in its 2019 resolution stating that the exercise would help review and re-look at the flaws of the 2017 Job Evaluation Exercise (JEE) and also correct the anomalies.

Members of the union who were present at the annual conference yesterday agreed that the job evaluation exercise was carried out without the involvement of the teacher unions and that the JEE had created a serious flaw in the salary grading for teachers.

The FTU stated there was a need to re-evaluate the salaries for teachers to place post holders on an appropriate salary.

The union further highlighted that there are anomalies in the entry point salary of graduate teachers after the JEE was conducted. Education, Heritage and Arts Minister Rosy Akbar assured the teacher unions this week that she would be working with them to address the issues that are faced by Fijian teachers.

“There is always room for dialogue,” Ms Akbar said during the Fijian Teachers Association conference in Suva on Tuesday.

“I once again take note of the concerns that you have raised and as I said, I have been having discussions from the time I joined the office and these discussions will continue.

“I, during my term, may not find all the answers to your issues, but I can assure you that your concerns will be looked at.”

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