Consultant: WG Friendship Plaza structurally fully compliant

The the 28-storey WG Friendship Plaza building currently under construction along McGregor Rd in Suva. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

ENGINEERED Designs principal engineer Vijay Krishnan says materials used in the building of WG Friendship Plaza were of the required standard.

The engineering company is a consultant on the construction of the 28-storey building along McGregor Rd in Suva.

In a media conference today, the company stated that rigorous analysis and design procedures were followed to ensure the building could safely withstand the worst combination of anticipated design loads due to gravity, earthquake and cyclones among others.

In its opinion, it also stated that the building was structurally fully compliant.

Mr Krishnan said relevant submittals were lodged with respective local statutory authorities to enable a building to permit approval to be obtained from Suva City Council in accordance with due process.

“This included an independent peer review carried out by a local design consultant. Subsequent to earlier concerns raised about the building construction, a joint inspection by SCC and the Director of Town and Country Planning was carried out,” he said.

“To date there has been no breach of any of the council’s and/or planning conditions of the building permit and construction has progressed relatively smoothly under Engineer’s Design oversight.”

The company also confirmed that a stop work order notice was issued following claims from unidentified sources that the materials used in the building were not of the required standard.

Mr Krishnan said anent materials specification, all materials used in the project were fit for purpose.

“To ensure compliance with the required specifications and workmanship, an independent international testing authority was engaged to test, monitor fabrication and report on reinforcing and structural steel used for the project.”

The company also refuted claims of corroded steel frames.

It also stated an appropriate fire protective coating will be applied to all exposed surfaces of critical structural members in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and in compliance with the National Fire Authority regulations.

The construction of the building now has 14 more stories to go which is forecasted to be completed in 2019.

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