Construction work complete on plaza

The newly constructed Flagstaff Plaza is almost ready for the operation. Picture: RAMA

CONSTRUCTION work at the Fineland Investments Ltd project — Flagstaff Plaza — has been completed and is set to open any day soon.

The activities taking place at the site now are the tenants completing their fit out works.

Road users and pedestrians can clearly see the Flagstaff Plaza with roadworks and footpaths having recently been completed.

The Flagstaff Plaza has a wide bus stop with a large seating area.

It is lit up at night, including planter lights to the front of the complex which are adorned with palm trees and local fauna.

Company director and Suva lawyer Subhas Parshotam yesterday said they expected to open the mall for business by September 30.

He further said that it was not expected that there would be any official opening and the Flagstaff Plaza would simply open up for business.

The opening has been slightly delayed because of finishing works taking a bit longer than anticipated and because of some inclement weather.

Mr Parshotam said they would invite the Marist Brothers to perform a christening of the Flagstaff Plaza as soon as it was ready to open for business.

According to Mr Parshotam all the units at the plaza have been taken up though some have been kept aside for specialist tenants.

It has 29 units (including for a supermarket).

The tenants include high-end restaurant outlets, clothing shops, a specialist fish shop and a number of commercial offices.

There is a large area for parking in the Flagstaff Plaza and it is expected that this will take at least some traffic off the road.

The Flagstaff Plaza is about 1500 metres wide and 30 metres deep and is built over three levels.

He said Extra Supermarket would be the only supermarket at the Flagstaff Plaza and also confirmed that the supermarket which will have separate speciality units for its bakery, butcher and a fruit and vegetable centre.

The company has several investments in the Capital City and it intends to carry out further investments.

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