Construction budget

THE Government this year allocated a budget of $848,000 for the construction of 52 houses that were destroyed by Tropical Cyclone Evan in 2012 in the Bua Province.

In revealing the statement at the recent Dama District meeting, assistant district officer Bua Apisai Vularika said this was an initiative by the government to help the rural people in the province.

Mr Vularika said areas such as Galoa, Tavea, Yaqaga, Koroinasolo, Naivaka and Kabulu settlement benefited from the allocation.

In Galoa, the Government funded the construction of nine houses that cost $124,000 and 14 houses on Yaqaga with a budget $224,000.

Mr Vularika added seven houses were built with a budget of $122,000 on Tavea, while five houses costing about $80,000 in Koroinasolo and $16,000 was spent on a house in Kabulu Settlement.

Meanwhile, Mr Vularika said the Government had set aside $300,000 to be used this year for the Nabouwalu township project.

He said it would use another $1million next year and $700,000 in 2016 on the project.

Mr Vularika said the project was still in the pipeline because there were still some issues to sort out with the landowners.

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