Conquer evil with goodness

ON this auspicious occasion of Deepawali (the festival of lights), on behalf of the Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji I send the warmest of greetings and best wishes to all Fijians.

In reverence to Deepawali the Vedic doctrine states that we all need to work towards dispelling of not only physical darkness through attainment of true knowledge but also the internal darkness instilled in us due to hatred, ill-will and discriminatory practices. To conquer evil by goodness and to triumph over ills by upholding ethical values.

Deepawali is to celebrate harvest of grains, thank God almighty for bountiful of providence and rejoice households full of food and prosperity. Deepawali is a festivity that like many other festivals, promotes the essence of fellow feelings, of sharing and caring, of love and respect and of unity amongst all.

The central message of unity from Deepawali to humanity is depicted in the struggles of the lines and lines of small earthen lamps lighting up the darkest night of the year. The efforts of the little flicking lights are collective, signifying overcoming of obstacles in life through collective efforts and enterprising and of nation building through common ideologies.

The earthen lamps are of different sizes and varied capacities but the focus in sum total is deliverance from darkness (ignorance) to light (enlightenment). Similarly human beings come in different sizes and different capacities, but through collective efforts can bring empowerment to each other and the nations of the world.

Symbolically, Deepawali also depicts acceptance of diversity, appreciation of others and consolidation of social and traditional thresholds of common good through common enterprising and sharing of space with others.

The message of Deepawali is also significant in terms of social cohesion and an instrument of building bridges between people regardless of social status. This is why Deepawali in Fiji is such a strong bonding agent for all Fijians even in most adverse periods.

May the spirit of this Deepawali have deep illumination for all souls by removing all forms of vices, bring joy to all, reward everyone with good health and make Fiji a prosperous and peaceful nation.

Happy Deepawali!

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