Congratulations Eileen

I join hands with my fellow countrymen to congratulate our golden weight-lifter, Fiji’s sportswoman for 2017 and our flag bearer at the Commonwealth Games Eileen Cikamatana for becoming the first female athlete to win a Commonwealth Games gold medal after lifting 233kg in the clean and jerk event.

You made Fijians proud.

Although your achievement was slightly shadowed by the four in a row historic win in the Happy Valley, we congratulate and thank you for what you have achieved.

The Fijian contingent in Gold Coast took centre stage in wild celebrations and cheered and sang Fijian songs.

Furthermore, Eileen’s struggles and hard work were rewarded and the best part of her victory was having her parents with her in Gold Coast.

In addition, our golden girl embraced her culture as she was spotted wearing a masi and a tabua hanging over her neck.

Vinaka vakalevu Eileen for the achievement!

You remembered the Lord before your historic lift and you were rewarded.

I thank your parents Sefanaia and Makitalena, mentor ‘Na Qase’ Mr Coffa and coach Joe Vueti for all the sacrifice!

My gratitude to The Fiji Times and Seru, Pravin, and Eliki for the updates from Gold Coast!

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