Confusion, claims of bogus officials

Thousands of Nadi residents waiting outside of Prince Charles Park for their chance to apply for the HOMES-CARE assistance May 15. Picture: FT FILE/BALJEET SINGH

RESIDENTS in Wairabetia, Lautoka are claiming that bogus government officials are collecting HOMES-CARE cards and, in some cases, removing items bought using the M-Paisa cards from their homes.

And to add to the confusion, audit teams from the Ministry of Economy who removed cards from Wairabetia residents last week, returned to the community and handed back HOMES-CARE cards yesterday. Subash Chandra, an advisory councillor in Wairabetia, claimed that five men came to his home on Thursday night and demanded he hand over the HOMES-CARE card and Social Welfare assistance card.

“They also made me fill out a form and sign it too,” he said.

“I did not ask them for any identification because they came in a government vehicle.
“But I became suspicious because they did not come with police and they did not show me any ID.

“When I later reported the matter to police, one policeman told me that the registration plate for the vehicle that visited my home had been surrendered to LTA a long time ago.”

Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro confirmed that a report made by Mr Chandra had been received at the Lautoka Police Station.

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