Confiscated fish turned into fish meal, ministry confirms

Ministry of iTaukei Affairs Permanent Secretary and acting PS Fisheries Naupote Katonitabua during the press conference earlier today. Picture: RAMA

BANNED fish confiscated by the Ministry of Fisheries is turned into fish meal for the ministry’s aquaculture farm.

This was confirmed Director of Fisheries Aisake Batibasaga at a press conference in Suva today.

He said the ministry had storage facilities like freezers and deep freezers kept across all the four divisions and where the fish were being kept.

“They are supposed to be disposed of, either we burn them, put kerosene on them and burn them or bury them for fertilisers,” Mr Batibasaga said.

“We are still thinking of how to proceed but the best alternative is to use them as fish meal for our aquaculture farm.”

He said this method would be useful rather than burning or burying the fish or dumping the fish into the sea.

Mr Batibasaga said the dumping of the confiscated fish into the sea had been done for the last three months with the assistance of the Fiji Navy.

“So the best alternative is to turn it into fish meal so that we can make use of it.”

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