Concerns raised

NFP vice president Seini Nabou during a political panel discussion in Suva earlier this month. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

THE Vunato dump fire in Lautoka needs to be urgently addressed because it is a serious environmental issue, says the National Federation Party.

In a statement issued yesterday, NFP vice president Seni Nabou raised concerns about the lack of comment by the Environment Ministry on the blaze which has entered its 10th day.

“The last reported statement from the Minister was days ago, saying that the fire was ‘under control.’

It is clearly not ‘under control’ and the residents of Lautoka are entitled to hear from the Government on how it will fix the problem.”

Ms Nabou said the NFP was not criticising Government about the fire but more so about the lack of response to citizens’ concerns on the issue.

“Fires of this kind are not easy to put out. They need particular expertise. “If Fiji does not have this expertise, then Fiji should be asking other countries for their help and expertise. Minister for Waterways and Environment Dr Mahendra Reddy maintained that the situation was under control.

“This (yesterday) morning, smoke was emitted only from cell five (at the dump),” he said. “Our plan was to completely douse off the smoke by this evening (yesterday).”

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