Concerns over vacant titles

WHILE Namosi is celebrating the fact that it has not had any land disputes since 2008 as recorded by the iTaukei Lands and Fisheries Commission, the vanua is concerned that nine of its turaga ni yavusa and 59 of its turaga ni mataqali positions are still vacant.

Chairman of the Namosi Provincial Council meeting Ratu Romanu Matanitobua said although they wanted those vacant positions filled as soon as possible, most of the villagers themselves did not want to take up the position.

He said the fact that they had not recorded any land dispute since 2008, was positive news knowing that 63 traditional positions were vacant.

The vanua of Namosi in total has 23 tribe leaders (turaga ni yavusa) and 80 clan leaders (turaga ni mataqali).

Only 14 tribe leaders’ positions are filled while nine are still vacant and 23 clan leaders’ positions are filled while 54 are vacant.

There are three women clan leaders in the province of Namosi.

“Hopefully in the near future all those vacant positions will be field.”

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