Concerns over delay, failure to reconcile accounts

THE Standing Committee on Public Accounts expressed concern at the failure of the judiciary department to reconcile the backlog of accounts dating back 24 years.

Chief registrar Yohan Liyanage, in his submission to the committee on the 2016 Auditor-General’s report on the department, said the qualified report for the department was mainly because of the department’s reconciliations for suitors, maintenance and sundry trust fund accounts.

Mr Liyanage said reconciliations on the mentioned accounts were only performed until May 1992, as at July 31, 2016.

In his explanation to the committee yesterday, Mr Liyanage said in addition a variance of $501,308 exists between the main trust cash at bank general ledger and the bank balance in the financial management information system (FMIS) and the trust fund bank reconciliation as at July 31, 2016.

“Some issues have been resolved and some not,” he said.

On the variance of $618,546 between the main trust fund account and the bank statement balance at July 31, 2016, Mr Liyanage said out of this amount $92,688.20 was unpresented cheques which have now been presented.

“Extra credit of $29,774.35 has been paid out. These are monies directly deposited in the banks and later paid out to the claimants.

“Out of the extra debit of $3096, $2605.50 have been cleared so that leaves $409.50 debit balance and we have sent a query to the bank for clarification of the amount.”

Committee member Aseri Radrodro said some of the issues highlighted by the judiciary were continuing issues which should have been resolved.

Mr Liyanage said majority of the backlog was to do with their maintenance trust fund accounts and to clear the backlog, the department would be recruiting seven more staff members who would be engaged on shift basis.

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