Concern over mill

Cane crushing will terminate in December this year. Picture: FT FILE

THE Fiji Sugar Corporation says issues at the Rarawai mill in Ba have not significantly affected the factory’s performance.

In a statement released last week, the FSC said despite mechanical problems, Rarawai mill has been crushing 3500 tonnes a day.

“Compared to a 14-day period last year, which was seen as a good year, Rarawai mill crushed 55,056 tonnes and this year for same period of the last 14 days, the mill has crushed 52,874 tonnes of cane which is only 4 per cent less , not a major drop in performance,” said FSC.

“In the last 30 days (as of 28/09) , Rarawai mill crushed 3922 tonnes per day compared to 3200 tonnes per day for previous 30-day period which also shows that performance has lifted by 22.5 per cent.”

Growers, however, tell a different story.

Amrit Singh from Yaladro Sector in Tavua claimed that Rarawai has not performed well as last season.

“We can gauge mill performance by the quota that is issued, how frequent it is issued and how long it takes for our trucks to return from the mill,” the 51-year-old farer said.

“Our trucks go to Rarawai and spend the whole day there just to drop one load, before that we used to drop up to three loads in one day.”

Mr Singh added that Rarawai has been operating intermittently over the past few weeks.

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