Concern on forest fires

REUTERS/Pedro Nunes - RC1938956710

THE effective management of forest fires will directly reduce the carbon emissions which will ensure successful reforestation and landscape restoration efforts.

This was the comments of the Forestry Advisor of the Land Resource Division of the Pacific Community (SPC), Jalesi Mataboto during the National Forest and Rural Fire Management Strategy workshop.

Mr Mataboto said they need to better manage the existing forests and continue to expand this important resource by supporting investments in the reforestation of un-utilized lands and the rehabilitation of degraded lands and forests.

The Ministry of Agriculture has been working with the Ministry of Forests, National Fire Authority, Pacific Community (SPC), and Institute of Foresters of Australia Foresters Without Borders Group towards increasing awareness on forest fires with the aim of developing a national strategy for managing forest and rural fires in the country.

Mr Mataboto stressed that the uncontrolled burning of fires in many areas is a major cause of concern and is threatening the survival of the plantation forests and any future plantings within these areas for timber, bioenergy or reforestation of degraded areas.

He adds that fire management must be effectively addressed.

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