Computer glitch costs punters

A COMPUTER glitch in the Western Division resulted in punters not being able to bet on three horses during the 2017 Melbourne Cup – including the eventual winner, Rekindling.

Grants Betting Ltd made the admission after ardent horse race speculators in the West raised concerns that they had been denied their spoils.

Director Peter McCoy apologised to punters for what had transpired and has assured them the glitch would never happen again.

“There was a technical issue with a new (computer) program in our temporary outlets,” he said.

“In all but three outlets this was resolved quickly.

“Due to poor internet availability, changes could not be made to three out of our 47 affected outlets on the day.

“The technical issue meant that, for a short period, (in all but the three outlets), horses 14 (US Army Ranger), 19 (Single Gaze) and 22 (Rekindling) were not available.

“This was not a problem in our main branches.

“Most customers wanting to bet on those horses placed their bets at Nadi and Namaka.”

Mr McCoy said anyone who had faced issues with trying to place bets on November 7 should contact Grants Betting Ltd to discuss the matter further.

Mr Shankracharya, a seasoned Nadi punter for the past 50 years, said being denied the opportunity to bet on Rekindling was ‘unacceptable.’

“As far as punters are concerned, we view the matter as a well calculated fraud carried out at betting agencies in Nadi.

“Rekindling was tipped the favourite and it won. And without Rekindling on your bet – you can’t win the exacta, trifecta or quinella,” the 71-year-old said.

“There were people who would have won thousands.

“So for those of us who had gone to bet for number 22 – Rekindling – we were denied our winnings and something has to be done about this.”

Mr Shankracharya said he had contacted the Consumer Council of Fiji in regards to the issue.

Questions sent to the Consumer Council earlier this week are yet to be answered.

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