Company urges staff to have checks

women have been urged to take time out from their busy work schedules to attend regular health checks.

During a Pinktober awareness lunch hosted by Lautoka company Virtual Flex Solutions and its parent company P Meghji, women in the organisation were urged to prioritise their health.

Virtual Flex sales west manager West Dipti Sharma said the event was centred around promoting the importance of regular health screenings.

“We had 25 women staff members of P Meghji and five women staff of Virtual Flex Solutions at our afternoon tea,” she said.

“Since the companies employ a lot of women, it is very important to create awareness of cancer with our staff members and also help the Fiji Cancer Society with some monetary donations.”

Ms Sharma, who has worked in the sales and marketing field for the past 12 years, said it was important for working women to get regular health tests.

“We all can work in our life but on the same note, being healthy is equally important. We should always take time to get health checks done in order to be productive at work,” Ms Sharma said.

“So please be proactive, get a mammogram and do self-breast examinations. If you find something suspicious, be persistent and look out for yourself.

“Early detection is the key to survival. You are never too young to have breast cancer so take good care of yourself and urge your mothers, daughters and sisters to do the same.”

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