Company rebrands to focus on Pacific

ENCOURAGING young people to become job creators instead of job seekers was a fine idea but there are certain support systems that have to be available for them if they are to succeed.

This is the view of business consultant Chris Elphick who has been actively involved with some major companies in Fiji, doing consultation work.

Mr Elphick said they were doing some work with new young entrepreneurs and one thing that stood out was the lack of support for them during the starting years.

He said it was very important for young entrepreneurs to have financial support and good advice from people who could direct them towards the right type of business.

“All over the Pacific lots of people are trying to set up businesses and money is one issue but another issue really knowing whether you are doing the right thing and how do you know if you have never done it.

“So the idea of mentoring is to try and match them with someone who will be able advise them accurately.”

He said he planned to identify a group of suitable mentors from Fiji who would be prepared to mentor the young businesspeople in Fiji.

“Although we were based in New Zealand most of our work for the past 10 years was centred around the Pacific so at the end of last year we decided to move to the Pacific and work out of there,” he said.

The company has rebranded and now works as Breadfruit Consulting based in Port Vila, Vanuatu.

According to Mr Elphick they wanted a name that would identify with the Pacific and breadfruit was just as unusual and identified with the Pacific.

He said the company was working with the Fiji Business Disaster Resilience Council and would hold a workshop for businesses in the Northern Division on how to get back on their feet after disasters.

“We are going to run some programs before Christmas in Labasa and the idea is to train some local trainers on post disasters.

“If a business is not able to get back on its feet after a disaster then it becomes very hard for them to earn a living and this also leads to countless problems.”

A similar workshop would be held in Suva and later Breadfruit Consulting will start its work with PIPSO to roll the same concept to the other Pacific Islands.

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