Company launches ‘superfast’ network, phones

DIGICEL Fiji launched two new products in Nadi over the weekend.

The first was the launch of its superfast 4G+ network in Nadi, with the jet-set town now joining the greater Suva area, Lami and Nausori — areas experiencing superfast internet speed on the Digicel network.

And the second major announcement was its partnership with Samsung as it unveiled the brand new Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones.

“This is the cornerstone of the recent investment of $50 million to expand and upgrade our high speed network in key population areas in the country,” said Digicel Fiji CEO Mike Greig.

“This will improve internet access and the customer experience for the people of Fiji with superfast, accessible, affordable, reliable and efficient service.

“This is underpinned by Digicel’s commitment to best value, best network and best service for our customers.”

“Our customers are now able to access world class internet speeds at home, work and on the go.”

Mr Greig said Digicel was responding to the ever-increasing demands for technological advancements in Fiji by Fijians who were learning to take advantage of the growing benefits of mobile phone technology.

“The demand for superfast wireless data network is growing in Fiji, more and more people are now able to afford smartphones and their need for data is enormous.

“Digicel 4G+ offers the highest speeds possible over a mobile network.

“My message to those who are not already Digicel customers – it’s time to move.”

Mr Greig added that the brand new line of Samsung phones dovetailed well with Digicel’s 4G+ network.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is on sale now for $1999 and S9+ for $2399 at Digicel stores.

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