Company joins clean-up campaign

AS part of their social responsibility, many companies are taking it upon themselves to free our towns and cities from rubbish.

Paradise Beverages (Fiji) Ltd is planning a major clean-up campaign soon for the Suva area.

Company sales and marketing manager Joseph Rodan Sr said having a clean-up campaign was part of their project which would include cleaning the streets of Suva City and Suva foreshore.

“We are looking at cleaning Walu Bay. The clean-up campaign probably will be in July. We have identified the foreshores of Lami, Walu Bay and Suva for this project,” Mr Rodan Sr said. “The major objective of this clean-up campaign would be to keep the environment clean. The Government of Fiji is heading the presidency of the Conference of Parties (COP23) by ensuring that places were healthy and clean and we go out and do our part.

“I know a lot of organisations do this and we also do it as well. Normally, certain areas we think which is dirty, we go out and clean it.”

He said when it came to the environment in Suva, it had improved a lot from what it used to be.

“There is a big improvement in Suva. The Suva City Council (SCC) is doing a great job in getting the streets cleaned,” he said.

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